iptv server setup

in this post we will talking about IPTV apps and the IPTV subscription and how they’re really work.

IPTV apps the way to get free iptv

not a lot of people out there really understand how IPTV really works and hopefully I can shed some light or knowledge so that you may understand it a little bit better other than that.

I mean there’s not a lot of information out there that really explains how IPTV works and things like that there are videos and tutorials but they are really confusing and there is no clear information on how they really work as far as that now during this process while I’m explaining any of these apps that you do see here.

I’ve gone through them on how to install them and I will be linking the information to those previous videos so check them out guys so that you can get these apps as well too, so let’s get started guys.

so as you guys know when we talk about free IPTV applications like apk and things like that these apps are developed by IPTV providers they support themselves through ad revenue and what I mean by ad revenue is you’re gonna see ads pop up here and they’re like so that when you’re watching yes for example right here this is blackjack rapier so ads pop up here and there when you’re using these applications and this is how developers actually support themselves, because there is no subscription base to these applications they’re free iptv server you can go ahead and download them but there is no way of them getting paid unless it’s through ads so they display ads and that’s how they can continue to make a living.

developing these types of apps and web sites like iptv4sat that so this is kind of how these free applications are able to continue Running the free servers of iptv and doing is by ad revenue so I mean most nowadays everything any app that you download you’re gonna see ads out there so honestly this is not something I’m bothered by now.

Paid IPTV subscription-based

the second part to this guys on how IPTV works is through subscription-based so we’ve already talked about ad revenue we’re kind of going to go into the subscription-based of the IPTV part of it.

now when we talk about subscription-based what we mean is you’re paying a monthly fee to get a particular content that you subscribe for such as for example tissue to the put into simple terms for example, Netflix guys you guys pay a $10 fee every month and provides you with all these content movies and TV shows and things like that so it’s similar to IPTV.

monthly subscription is that you’re paying monthly and you’re getting access to these channels now depending on how these channels work so we’re kind of going to go into the user perspective of it.

now you would either have an evolve box or you would have a Mac box or you would have an emulator for example this one right here and basically what you would do is you would go to online you would search for these vendors and they provide you with this subscription-based IPTV now if the varies depending on price they can vary from $5 to $30 or whatever they were selling it at the time for.

and what they would do is you would provide them with the MAC address and they would basically add that MAC address to their panel and on that panel they have basically a list of channels that they can provide you with, so once you’re giving your device ID or your MAC address they are able to go ahead and provide you with their content that they have, but so that’s the part of the user.

How to build your own IPTV server

perspective of it so when we talk about how you would build an IPTV server or how you would want to build like the actual server to provide the content well there’s an illegal part of it and there’s also the piracy part of it as well.

iptv server build

now all you would need to do if you have the knowledge or the experience to be able to do this you would need a server and you would need an IPTV panel and then once you have the IPTV panel and it’s working you would then need the channels.

in order to get the channels themselves you would need the file formats for those channels so most likely the m3u file format or other video life formats that can be read on the panel, so once you have these channels and they’re placed on the panels then you would need the users, so you would go out and you would sell your content to the users and all you would need is their MAC address or device ID to provide that content.

that’s kind of the gist of how IPTV works and you now know how they support themselves and how you can if you’re knowledgeable enough and you have the experience for this you can actually build your own iptv server and provide these IPTV channels.

now remember guys there is a piracy to it again so just like I said it’s okay that you buy this subscription and you watch it for yourself for your own entertainment but once you start selling it that’s when you know becomes illegal and you know you’re gonna have issues at that point there’s not a lot of information out there and I kind of want to shed some light on how this works and hopefully give you a better understanding that you can kind of use when you’re looking at IPTV and things like that.


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